Blarbuie Men's Shed

Blarbuie Men's Shed

The Blarbuie Men's Shed is based within Blarbuie Woodland, Lochgilphead and provides a space for men to meet up and share skills. The shed opened its doors in June 2017 and has been making bird and bat boxes to sell to the general public. The guys wish to extend its activities to include spoon making, general repair work and upcycling items. To this end they need to purchase general tools and safety equipment to provide for all comers.


The extra space would allow more guys to attend and more projects such as carpentry, wood turning, repair work and general craft work to be undertaken. It would create room to demonstrate and share skills more easily, space to socialise and space for the storage of items.

Great idea, however this would be classed as capital, which we don't fund. Is there anything else in relation to this project that the funding could be used for?

Fantastic start to a very worthwhile project and definite need for more room to operate, especially in inclement weather!

Sounds like a fantastic idea, having a space to gather is a wonderful gift to many! That it is a positive space and skills are shared is a double bonus for this idea!

The Men's Shed have amended their application to ask for general tools and safety equipment to help extend the tasks they can carry out.

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