Lochgoilhead Adventure

Lochgoilhead Adventure

Lochgoilhead National Activity Centre is operated by Scouts Scotland, and is set amidst magnificent scenery in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. A weekend at Lochgoilhead offers opportunities for water and land based adventurous activities to members of the 19th Argyll (Lochgilphead) Scout Group, aged 6 to 18. Leaders aspire to take 50 young people from the to the centre for a weekend during which they will challenge themselves participating in outdoor activities and having fun.


Great chance for a scouting outing!!

In Scouting, it is our aim to help young people to grow in confidence, to reach their full potential and to become valuable members of the community. Scouting is a world wide organisation but the rural nature of Argyll means that Scouts based in Lochgilphead rarely meet other members of the movement. A weekend at Lochgoilhead offers opportunities to meet other Scouts and develop new friendships while developing confidence, independence and team building skills.

What a great opportunity for the 19th Argyll this would be. This would be such a good confidence and team building exercise along with the chance to make new friends. What's not to like??

Living in a remote and rural area these scouts will benefit so much from the opportunity to meet other scouts and develop their communication skills as well as inter personal skills. It would be a great opportunity for them.

The 19th Argyll is a strong and very active troop who make a big difference in the lives of the children who attend. The rural location does make it more difficult for the kids to experience different challenges and interact with other children their own age. Lochgoilhead would be an amazing experience not too far from home.

Scouting provides great opportunities to young people to grow in confidence and challenge themselves , and the trip to Lochgoilhead would be a great chance for 19th Argyll in that respect.

The 19th Argyll have had amazing adventures here before and it would be fantastic to give them another opportunity. They don’t have many opportunities to meet other Scout Groups, and while the national events can be a bit overwhelming for some, this opportunity so close to home can be enjoyed be everyone

19th Argyll already invest a lot of time and energy into helping others both in their own community and by contributing to overseas projects - a weekend at Lochgoilhead will help them to develop more of the essential key skills needed to continue making their valuable contributions to others while building their confidence as individuals and as part of a team - this opportunity presents a real opportunity for both personal and team growth in a wonderfully supportive environment

This would be a great opportunity for 19th Argyll scouts to hone their skills, forge new friendships with other troops and build confidence in their own abilities. It will provide opportunities for young people to challenge themselves and take risks but in a safe and nurturing environment. Please support this cause.

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