Ardchattan Community Council works hard to represent the communities that live between Connel Bridge and Creggan Bridge. The people who live here are as diverse and wonderful as the area itself. We want to find out what the needs and ambitions of our inhabitants are. We are planning a series of community engagement events in village halls, schools and churches all over the region. We want everyone to get involved and participate. Together we can make positive changes in our neighbourhoods.


Ardchattan Community Council wants to kick-start community participation. We would like funding to organise events in Benderloch, Barcaldine, North Connel and Bonawe that will reach out to as many age groups as possible so that we all become involved in influencing the future of where we live. We want our events to use techniques such as art, music, storytelling, humour and hands-on practical activities that will motivate and inspire.

Great idea

Great idea to find out what thw community thinks the priorities are. Have you got plans for what you will do with the information you gather? X

Hi Laura, Thank you for the question. It will be interesting to hear about what matters to our communities. A skills audit will be part of the project. Feedback from the events will be collated and fed into a Community Action Plan using the Toolkit. This in turn will assist with the business structures that are needed to take forward the wishes of the community.

A very worthy cause , the ACC are doing a lot of good work in the local community . The funding will help them reach out to more people .

Great example of grass roots democracy and showing the benfits of involving people in local planning and decisiona making. Would be great if this is shown to work well and spreads to other communities around

This is really needed in the community

Great idea!

😀This funding will allow us to have a season of fun, informative and engaging events appealing to all ages. Our diverse community will thrive because we've got the drive!

Very worthwhile project, totally support it

Showing my support

As a newcomer to Barcaldine I think this is a wonderful idea.

Great idea, would love to see feedback gathered about how we make ACC area more resilient and sustainable as we face an uncertain future. Perhaps looking at transport, food security, health, energy supplies etc.

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