Master Builders: Lego and Creative Construction Club

Master Builders: Lego and Creative Construction Club

We wish to start a Lego and Construction Club for children in and around Oban. We are looking to provide an inspiring space in which families can attend and make use of a large supply of Lego and construction toys. A club were siblings and friends of different ages can come, socialise, use their imagination and technical skills and build! Build toys, build friendships, build family bonds between children and parents, build skills and belief in their own abilities.


We are looking for funding to purchase the Lego required to make the club possible. We also require funds to cover room hire costs, PVG certificates, insurance, and storage for the Lego. We want there to be plenty of Lego for each child who comes so as not to limit their imagination. We are also planning STEM activities and crafts to keep the group interesting each week and to appeal to as many families as possible which will also require funds.

This is a fantastic idea. My don loves lego but some of the boxes are £80 if he wats a police station ect. It also means not standing on lego on the night time toilet run when your barefoot 😂 would be a great afterschool activity bringing children and parents together. Outwith the school gates. Xx

Excellent idea and great for kids of all ages, also a good opportunity to meet other dads in the area who love the lego life!

Such a great idea for our commnity! Fun for all ages and all weathers!

Living in a town where is rains most days, a Lego club would be a fantastic indoor resource. Lego has no age, gender or ability boundaries, so would provide a brilliant environment for children to create, achieve and share.

A Lego club would be such a fabulous asset to the community. Not only is it fun but playing with Lego has been proven to be therapeutic for children with various developmental and learning difficulties. Giving children of all ages access to such a beneficial resource would be such a great thing for Oban.

A Lego club would be amazing for our rural area where many times there is very little to do with kids , it helps them learn create and grow playing with Lego ! Let’s make some engineers of the future from a local Lego club !!

This would be a great idea. My grandsons love Lego. Hope this comes to fruition. I would come along with them. Good luck

This is a great idea and would benefit lots of local children. Will definitely support!

Great idea for kids to build and learn new skills as well as the social aspects of their development.

Lego Club, fantastic idea , intergenerational work as well

Fantastic idea, brings people of all ages and from all walks of life together, for one common goal. Something that families can do together. No matter what the weather.

Great idea! I know my kids would love it and I’m sure there will be many others! Fantastic for developing a child’s imagination and a great way to make friends too.

This would be a fantastic resorce for all children in and around Oban.

Yes please! Ideal for Lego lovers old and new and those who don’t know they love Lego yet. A brilliant idea, can’t wait to join in 😊😊😊

A Lego club would be amazing for our wee town, there’s so little for children to here. It would give all our youngsters a chance to meet up and socialise in a safe place whilst building a number of skills..... fab idea!!!

Excellent idea, my wee girl is so excited about it

Would be a great idea for Oban as the is not much to do for boys/ girls if you are not into sport. Would be a massive asset for Oban

Would be great group for kids to play,spend time and play with other kids,share ideas and help to learn how to work in groups :)

Fantastic idea for a club. Looking forward to starting. My boys will love joining in the Lego fun.

Love the idea of this club. My son has always loved lego and is now 12 and still loves building things its amazing what he builds and helps build their imaginations. My daughter is 5 and is now wanting go down the road of building things too.its an amazing idea and we will use it too. xx

My boy would thrive in a club like this. He isnt very sports orientated therefore there arent many socialising groups around he could join so this would be perfect as he loves to build lego and lego is amazing for building creative minds

Would be great to have something a little different to go to in the area

This will be an amazing resource for our town, my daughter already adores playing with her Duplo, and as she gets older she will love to have the opportunity to meet other children who enjoy building and creating things as much as she does. This is something that will massively benefit the entire community for years to come.

Such a brilliant idea!!! Something for the whole family to do (we all love lego after all) and that promote creativity, fine motor skills, imagination, social skills, and soooo many other skills! Not only in our children, but sleep deprivate parental brains too!

Oban desperately needs new groups for young children. Having a club like this will develop a multitude of skills whilst providing creative stimulation and also encourage socialisation.

A great idea to bring together kids of all ages to learn construction skills from one another, with no restrictions on age, gender or family finances!

A Lego group would be a welcome idea- always looking for something else to do and something to engage family members of all ages. Great for the imagination.

Great idea for the town when most of the days is raining,great fun for family,fantastic for creativity and imagination

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