Blarbuie Woodland - Community Woodworking

Blarbuie Woodland  - Community Woodworking

Blarbuie Woodland a well used community resource with over 200 users per week. The woodland and it’s paths continue to require ongoing maintainence and upgrades to keep the woodland accessible for all. We would like to support the development of a countryside woodworking programme enabling volunteers and participants to learn new skills and continue to support the woodland as a community resource for all to enjoy.


To support and maintain the local community woodland. We hope to enable interested members of the community to participate in the community woodworking group whereby reducing social isolation, promoting health and wellbeing, providing some employment and maintaining the local surroundings.

Such a good idea and a great resource for all of the community . The trust does an amazing job for local people and this funding opportunity will help so many

A brilliant idea!

😀fantastic opportunity and resource. Great place to come together to learn new skills and share ideas. So important on so many levels. 👣👍🌱🍂

A great place to be and learn.

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