Community Regatta

Community Regatta

We want to stage a weekend Community Regatta on Campbeltown Loch next summer to encourage participation in water sports, from paddleboarding to diving, and promote a local charity. Kintyre Seasports aims to improve the life chances and well being of our young people and build a nationally recognised training and events centre as an investment for the the future of our community. The charity was formed by 15 local partners and is backed by the Royal Yachting Association.


A great opportunity to have people of all ages and abilities, having fun afloat in safety, on Campbeltown Lough

The Regatta will be organised by Seasports partners, including Campbeltown Sailing Club, the Canoe Club, the local British Sub-Aqua Club and Dalintober Beach Group. It will build on the very successful dinghy project of 2017, which trained 27 people of all ages to sail on the Loch, an outstanding but underused natural resource. To get the most out of the weekend we plan to hire qualified instructors to supervise activities and provide basic training for beginners before the event.

Looking forward to seeing people of all ages having fun on Campbeltown Loch.

This would be an excellent opportunity to encourage young and old to get out on the water

The Regatta will bring people together to share enjoyment and experience on a wonderful stretch of water that could have been designed for the job and is right on our doorstep. This event will be a big endorsement of the lasting community benefits of the Seasports project.

Another great Seasports initiative

Campbeltown Loch is an ideal spot for seasports and it would be great if locals and visitors could have a chance to enjoy dinghys/ kayaks/paddleboards etc. A regatta is a good focus for fun.

As a young lad many years ago I used to go sailing in Campbeltown loch and I look forward to sailing again.This would be a great introduction too Sailing and sea sports for all ages.

I did the basic dinghy course in the summer and it was great fun. It gave me a real buzz and I only wish I had done it sooner! As an "oldie" I can really recommend all ages to have a go. Enjoy!

This is s great way to help a new generation capture the thrill of the water and to participate in physical activities utilising a very underused leisure facility - Campbeltown Loch

What a great chance for all ages to get out on the loch and gain high levels of experience in all categories of water sports in a well supervised and safe campbeltown loch

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