Tarbert Academy Forest Friends

Tarbert Academy Forest Friends

The Forest School is increasingly becoming a community hub in Tarbert with volunteer numbers on the increase and wider holistic environmentally friendly activities becoming a key part of community life! The Forest School hopes to continue to increase its sustainability by training more volunteers, swapping more skills and accessing more local networks to build together for our future generations. We need funding to support training and additional tools and equipment to support the learning.


It’s essential that the next generation understands the importance of our local environment and for some families taking the time out to explore outdoors is not an option. It’s wonderful that our children have had this opportunity through forest schools and we want to see this grow as an integral part of the curriculum for years to come.

Watching the impact of a forest experience on the doorstep is beyond compare. Children light up as they enjoy the freedom of outdoor play and often don't realise how the classroom learning has followed them to the forest. Creations like a monetary system based on different shaped leaves being used to buy imaginary cakes, made from willow or bark, just cannot be underestimated. The best experience is the return to childhood and fun that tends to sweep over the volunteer team and teachers alike! 🌲

In an increasingly sedentary and obese society, young people need to have access to outdoor spaces to formulate healthy and active habits that will stay with them for life. Also, to cultivate the enjoyment of the simple and free pleasures of interacting with an outdoor environment.

Great to know how this collaboration between school and the wider community is reaching so many. I met one school kid up there with their grandparents at the weekend, not sure who was showing who how to tackle the low ropes course! πŸ‘Œ

Outdoor learning is becoming an extremely useful way of delivering our curriculum at Tarbert Academy. The opportunities on our doorstep to provide relevant learning activities to help our young people to develop skills for learning, life and work are hugely beneficial. As Headteacher, I am fully behind the further development of Forest Schools in Tarbert.

Research now backs up that children and young people are stimulated by the outdoors and typically experience, over time, an increase in their self belief, confidence, learning capacity, enthusiasm, communication and problem-solving skills and emotional well-being.

Our children are lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn through forest schools. Being outdoors, getting dirty, learning through play, climbing trees, building from natural resources etc. Great fun and learning without it feeling like it!

This is such a fantastic experience for our children to be able to be involved in.

Children around the country are forgetting/never learning words for natural things - bird names, tree names, wild flower names. As a TV presented recently said "we cannot love what we do not know". This opportunity is great for Tarbert. Children need to be encouraged to spend time in nature. What they learn at an early age they will not forget.

Forest schools are great to get children to become comfortable out of doors and enjoy our amazing environment

Great opportunity for kids to get outside and learn away from the classroom, usually not realising they are learning while they are having fun

Fantastic experience for the kids, my son loves forest schools and benefits hugely xx

Hi Louise Muir, please find me on FB so we can have a chat. I can't find you. 😎

Amazing experience for children to have the opportunity to learn in such a great environment adding to the opportunity to widen their horizon

We would love to hear of your expereinces...we are hoping to do a holiday 'forest school' on Jura.

spending time in nature is essential learning for both physical and mental health and development

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