The Dunoon Scottish Music Workshop

The Dunoon Scottish Music Workshop

The Cowal Fiddle Workshop proposes to hold a multi instrument teaching workshop over three days in July. We shall invite two world acclaimed tutors to instruct and to build up playing skills and techniques based on Celtic and West Highland Traditions, culminating in a high profile Concert in Dunoon's Burgh Hall. The aim will be to attract international musical students as well as local players, and to bring players and audience to stay in Dunoon who otherwise would not consider visiting the area


Dunoon needs attractions to bring people from outside the area to visit and to enjoy what we have to offer. There is growing interest internationally in learning the traditional Scottish playing techniques on the fiddle and other instruments and many other regions in Scotland now have established annual musical events of this nature. This event would spread the word that Dunoon is open for business, and make good use of the new facilities we have and the nucleus of players in our midst.

A great idea both to promote what Dunoon has to offer and to make music together which is a wonderful and enjoyable thing to do

With its current culture of traditional music, community fiddle groups and pipe band music, Dunoon is the ultimate location to host a multi-instrument workshop during the summer. The event would showcase the town and natural beauty of the area, would attract musicians to come to Dunoon encouraged by the excellent transport links, and most importantly, give creative expression to the people who live here.

A lovely way to showcase all that Dunoon can offer.

It's a great idea. I love your traditional music and projects like this needs to be supported so we can keep on enjoying it ! It's just great!!

Traditional music creates a bridge across time connecting us to the people who shaped our world with their love, labour, laughter and tears; celebrating and sharing the story traditional music tells can only raise Dunoon's profile for visitors from near and far. So many exciting things come out of initiatives like this - when people get together to make music, great things happen.

This will raise the profile of the area in the musical world and encourage local youngsters to learn new instruments. An obvious example of the potential of this project can be seen in Ullapool where traditional music plays a vital role in the lives of many of the high school students. Regular workshops which attract professional musicians have contributed significantly to the vibrant, inspiring atmosphere of the town. This could happen in Dunoon!

What an excellent idea. Workshops like this have proved to be very popular in other towns and cities in Scotland and would attract musicians from all over the country. It would also give a welcome boost to local pubs, cafes, restaurants and bed and breakfast businesses with informal sessions as well as the official concert. It could even become an annual event. There is already a strong local interest in traditional music amongst people of all ages and it would be wonderful to encourage this.

The Cowal Fiddle Workshop by promoting and providing traditional music tuition to all ages, have proved over many years that they are committed to traditional music education. A hive of activity every week it is supported and guided by a professional tutor and run by a team of dedicated local people who have a passion for traditional music. It is a tremendous opportunity for Dunoon to take advantage of this exciting proposal.

Its a brilliant idea for the whole , young and old .

Summer workshops for traditional Scottish music are becoming very popular in many areas in Scotland and supported by musicians from far and wide. There is a growing interest in traditional music for many different instruments and a workshop in Dunoon would be an excellent idea. The refurbished Burgh Hall is an ideal venue in the centre of the town and convenient for visiting players arriving by ferry on foot. I am pleased to support this idea. Ian Davidson

What a great idea. Cowal Fiddle Workshop already does a good job keeping traditional fiddle music alive in Cowal. The CFW puts on frequent public performances which are always well received. Smaller groups play in local village halls and entertain in care homes. This excellent proposal could put Dunoon on the map. With the right publicity, a workshop in July fronted by internationally renowned tutors would attract people from far an wide.

Sounds fantastic. I have several string players from my old folk band in Sussex who would be interested and I'd certainly want to bring my cello!

An obvious addition for Dunoon. The need for a workshop of this caliber would be a fantastic addition to the revitalising of Dunoon and provide a much needed voice on the west for traditional Scottish music. This goes hand in hand rejuvenating the area, bringing income to hotel's, BnB's, shops and enhancing the overall appeal of Dunoon once more.

This is fantastic idea and great concept. I have seen it work well in other areas of Scotland and for an idea like this to flourish in Dunoon would benefit us in so many ways. I am big fan, not only of the idea but also in the potential that could be created for future workshops. The opportunity to bring people together both from Scotland and abroad to practise and train in traditional fiddle music is yet another way that Dunoon can reach back out across the water. Go Cowal Fiddle Workshop!

Starting a focus for different instruments to play together, rather than just fiddles, with a concert at night to show off the weekends work. Central venue, friendly tutors, music organised, group sessions possible, could be the start of something different, but meeting needs in the folkmusic environment.

What a wonderful idea which will help put Dunoon firmly on the musical map and showcase what we have to offer. Promoting our town in this way is such a lovely idea and I for one will do as much as I can to help make sure that this has all the support it needs to make it into an annual event and something to be proud of. Well done to those of you who always work so hard to encourage the love and development of music. Looking forward to many more events like this.

Ooh yes, please keep me informed, if flutes can join in too! Julie Forrester

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