Mid Argyll Pipe Band

Mid Argyll Pipe Band

Formed in 1927 the bands main aim is promoting traditional Pipe Band music in the Mid Argyll area, we have an established teaching programme and almost all of the current band have been brought through this process. Throughout the year the band performs at many local community events from Tarbert to Inveraray and up to Kilmartin. In the summer months the band also competes in major competitions, giving local musicians the opportunity to test themselves against other players from around the world


Mid Argyll Pipe band provides all members with free tuition, uniform, membership, instruments and travel. We have recently purchased new and improved drums and aim to upgrade all of our pipe bags to sheep skin in 2018 for improved sound and continuity. This will enhance the performances and experience for both our playing members and our audiences. Our own fundraising is ongoing, with a variety of activities locally and any monies received would contribute to the above costs.

Mid argyll pipe band are the heart of our community and gives kids opportunities to meet and make friends everywhere they go they all care for each other as one big family and it would be great to receive some support to keep this great wee band going the kids love it. It gives them that feeling of being part of something special .

Being in the band is an amazing experience as it means we get to travel around the country to play in international competitions, and also be part of the community. It’s special playing in a band with people your age and then going to competitions and meeting even more guys from all around the country

Joining mid argyll pipe band has had such a fantastic positive impact on building confidence within my lovely eldest daughter. 😇

Mid Argyll Pipe Band is an important part of our community which helps develop traditional music skills amongst our young people while also teaching them about the importance of team work, respect, community values and belonging. Playing at events within our local community showcases the young members as positive role models which is in large part down to the values they learn in the band. Friendship across all ages is also an important skill nurtured within the band. Please support this band.

Please support Mid Argyll Pipe Band so that they can continue to help keep our traditional music alive in Argyll.The band provides free tuition, equipment and full uniform(uniform alone costs around £1,000 per player).They play at local community events and also compete which gives the band members, especially the younger generation,a great opportunity to build their confidence, strive to be better and make new and lasting friendships.Funds are much needed to keep the band free and open to all.

As a member of mid Argyll pipe band for around 5/6 years, I have gained unforgettable memories and made life long friends as well as having opportunities to compete in competitions around the UK. Through my experience, I have developed skills such as team working skills and leadership skills that are extremely useful for the future.

My son (age 11) will have his first year playing with Mid Argyll Pipe Band. He is very excited as the band has a long legacy as a core of the Mid Argyll community including all young people in its reach. For my son and myself it gives him another sense of belonging and an opportunity to make some new friends in the band and it’s commitee who I hope will encourage and nurture him for years to come. Mid Argyll Pipe Band is a important core group within our community that must be supported.

Recently joined the band and really enjoying it. Good tuition, lots of young players. We travel all around scotland and even go to belfast for competitions which is a great opportunity to learn and improve.

The pipe band for me is something that has changed my life forever. I have learned many new things and had many great experiences as a memebr of Mid Argyll Pipe Band and developed many skills thay will be benificial to me in the future.

The positive effects and benefits of membership were clear with my daughter from her first nervous public performance: after which she was excited and full of pride. The band support each other, regardless of age, background or ability, they're a real 'Team'! Travelling to events and performances all over she has made friendships and associations within and beyond the band that will last a lifetime. It has also given her the opportunity to experience new places and communities

The pipe band allows members to travel to different competitions around Scotland (+ Belfast) and socialise with other pipe bands as well as our own. We have so many opportunities to play for our community and share our love for traditional music with others. Throughout my years in the band, I have made valuable friendships and memories which I will never forget. The band makes it so easy for every member to take part in everything, providing free uniforms, tuition, pipe bags etc.

Both my daughter's aged 7 and 10 are learning to play the chanter and I have been amazed at how quickly they have picked it up due to the excellent training provided by the Mid Argyll Pipe Band tutoring. This is what community and belonging is all about. Always Argyll, Always the Mid Argyll Pipe Band.

This is my sons first year as a member of Mid Argyll Pipe Band, it has given him the opportunity to further develop his piping skills and meet and make new friends in the process. It will provide him the opportunity to take part in large scale competitions as well as local community events. Even in the short time that he has been a member it has boosted his confidence greatly and he loves being part of the band.

An aspect which is often overlooked is the fact that they are a very talented group of young musicians. Putting in hours and hours of practice, on very challenging instruments, to ensure that when they perform for the local community or in competition across the country, the standard of musical presentation is as high as possible. The band provides all tuition, equipment and membership free to all members to ensure everyone, regardless of background, has access to this fantastic opportunity. 2/2

Being in the band is great for improving my playing and confidence while performing. It is also great being able to travel to competitions and meet new people. I also get to learn how to maintain my pipes and look after my uniform which is a big responsibility.

I'm a proud mum who's sons have flourished in Mid Argyll Pipe Band. It offers excellent free tuition and opportunities to perform at a range of events from community gatherings to international competitions and lead our community on Remembrance Sunday. It has taught them discipline to look after instruments and uniform provided free of charge and cemented a sense of pride and teamwork when they perform together. Please support MAPB to continue this invaluable work.

My daughter joined Mid Argyll Pipe Band at the end of last year and its a real privilege to be part of it. Being kitted out with the smart band uniform was an exciting induction and her pipes have been upgraded and totally transformed. Expert tuition and a real sense if camaraderie is a great recipe for raising the self esteem confidence and abilities of all the young people involved.

since joining the band my confidence and my playing has really improved. I feel very privileged to be a member of MAPB and i am very excited for the upcoming competitions and community events. Being part of the band gives me a real focus and I'm so proud to be part of it.

Please support Mid Argyll Pipe Band as it provides excellent opportunities for young musicians in our rural area. Also It is often said how great an impact the band has on its members, especially those of a young age, with regards to discipline, respect, community values, teamwork and appreciation of our traditional Scottish music. 1/2

The Pipe Band provides young people the opportunity to become highly skilled and talented musicians who are more than able to compete at International level. But we are much more than a band, we are a family of commited musicians, instructors and volunteers whose passion and support reach out into the heart of the community we live in, whether through organising and performing at local events or proudly representing our West Coast community at competitions across the country

As well as my son improving his musical skills, he has become part of a team and I see that as vital to life. The MAPB are doing a great job of providing positive activities which not only benefit the youth but the whole community, through their support of events with their playing.

Joining the band has provided us with many great opportunities such as travelling around the country to compete & playing for events in and around the local community which also allows us to improve for future performances. As well as the opportunities the band provides, it has also been a great experience making friends & meeting other pipe bands along the way

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