Access to a Unique Marine Environment on Loch Long, Arrochar

Access to a Unique Marine Environment on Loch Long, Arrochar

The Loch Long Jetty Association, a newly formed charity run by volunteers, aims to install a picturesque and environmentally friendly floating pontoon to allow safe access to and from Loch Long in the Arrochar region. The pontoon will provide a platform for recreational activities and sporting events such as triathlons, swimming competitions, kayaking, fishing etc. This will bring many benefits to the local community and will boost the local economy by encouraging visitors to the area.


We have planning permission for the pontoon. This project will open up an extremely under utilised major water resource in this area of the National Park. It links well with other facilities situated throughout the Firth of Clyde. It will allow everyone to appreciate our beautiful landscapes and marine wildlife. The Charity does not intend to make a profit from this project but aims to enhance peoples’ experience of our natural environment. We now need a Marine Licence at the cost of £2225.

Argyll and Bute TSI will hold a drop in help session on Wednesday (10th January) from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm in the Helensburgh office at 14 Colquhoun Square. If you would like help with the stage 2 application pop in and see us (we will have a cuppa and biscuits on hand too...)

It would be wonderful to see Loch Long being used for water based activities once again, and the installation of a pontoon jetty would provide a base for small craft, kayaking, swimming, diving and fishing all sports that were at one time some of the main activities of residents and visitors to our villages. Having an accessible pontoon facility would very much enhance the economy of the villages by providing a platform to encourage visitors to stay longer within the area.

An excellent initiative that deserves strong support as this is a beautiful area of water with virtually no easy access or place to tie up and come ashore. Water users will make good use of such a facility and bring benefit to the area.

A pontoon jetty would be a great asset for Arrochar and the nearby communities providing somewhere to access the water. It could also help boost tourism and ease the pressure on the over stretched tourist hotspots.

A pontoon jetty would make it possible for residents and visitors to access Loch Long safely and increase the potential use of all the facilities the area has to offer.

Arrochar is becoming more and more popular for tourists seeking outdoor sports opportunities. The pontoon would give those interested in water sports a stop off point and increase the tourism and vibrancy of the Arrochar area.

This is a much needed facility for Arrochar and surrounding area. Arrochar must be about the only loch side village in the Clyde area without easy and safe access to the water. The proposed pontoon accords well with the Scottish Government plans for development and use of our natural marine facilities.This will attract many visitors to the area as well as being of great use to the local population.

A great idea and a much needed facility for local people and visitors to Arrochar, which has no facility for small boats.

The proposed landing will be a much needed resource allowing waterborne access to this area of outstanding natural beauty. It will be of great benefit to the local economy & visitors alike. Charlie Stone.

This is a very good idea. I am not able to get out much now, but I would be able to see the pontoon from my window and it would be great to see increased activity around the shoreline.

I think that this is a good idea. I do not get pout much at all now, but I would be able to see the pontoon from my window and it would be good to watch more activity on the shoreline.

This would be a much needed and long awaited improvement to the facilities available at Arrochar. It is a facility which you would expect a Loch-side community to have in place. The design chosen is visually very pleasant and would enhance the foreshore while at the same time stopping people from having to wade in the water to get on a boat and allow for fishing beyond the main seaweed beds.

To have a pontoon in Arrochar will bring life back to the Village and enable waterborn visitors to engage with an area which is often overlooked by passing travellers. In terms of the local ecoomy, this can only have a positive impact.

This project would be a fantastic asset to the village. It would bring all the activities back to the loch that used to be enjoyed by all when the old pier was in use.

Jim Mc Gunigel This is a great idea and can only be a benifit to the village.

An excellent initiative that not only provides much needed access to the stunning Loch Long for locals and visitors alike, but also has potential to benefit the local economy and raise the profile of Arrochar.

I think think is a great idea and will enhance the area bringing in more tourists and enable access to the loch.

Ronnie Ross. A much needed resource for community use and possible economic benefit to tourist based business. The National Park have long discussed access to Loch Long for water based sports and Arrochar as a gateway to the sea. This would be the first step to such access. I commend this project to all.

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