Return of Lochgilphead Coat of Arms

Return of Lochgilphead Coat of Arms

We, the Community Council have a right to claim back the Lochgilphead Coat of Arms. Why would we want this? W strongly feel there is a need to give the town back it's identity, to give the community a sense of pride in our history and culture, this is a positive step in doing this. We would also then be able to let charitable organization and groups use this to show a sense of belonging. We are the only party the has the legal right to ask for this standard back.


Much of what was said in the idea section covers the point of and the reason why. In many consultation. the Lochgilphead people say they feel disengaged and less of a community than other towns this would give them something to rally round and create a feeling of community. A 130 people signed a petition in the space of a few hours so we need to build on that support and community spirit. We are the County Town and should be proud of that and make our presence not only heard but also seen.

Interesting idea. How would the funding be spent?

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