Show on the Road

Show on the Road

Comar runs an established programme of dance/drama classes, however many young people are unable to access these due to geographic barriers. This project aims to outreach full day performing arts workshops to primary school age children at 5 remote community locations on Mull. We will follow these by providing teacher training packs to 7 local primary schools, to encourage continued arts engagement and development.


Due to our rural location many young people are unable to access Mull Theatre's creative workshops. This project would take the 'Show on the Road'; allowing them to experience a collaborative dance/ drama programme. This would assist in contributing towards fulfilment of curriculum for excellence Expressive Arts Outcomes.

This is a really important project for young people who are unable to access mainland projects

It's important that children on the Isle of Mull who live in areas remote from Tobermory and who cannot access Comar's after school or evening classes due to distance, are given the opportunity to engage in the excellent quality dance, theatre and other arts experiences which have been so well developed in Tobermory.

Is this something that would be delivered as part of the school curriculum or an extra activity?

Hi Laura. This is something we would work with the school on, although it would most likely be delivered as part of the curriculum to prevent additional staffing costs.

Please note that where school related projects apply, consideration should be given to the fact that this is a grant fund to support community groups and activities across the council area. Application should therefore make it clear that the activities are extra-curricular and outline any wider community participation or benefit. If you have any questions, or want to discuss your idea contact your local Community Development Officer on 01631 567944

This project will take performing arts to the many children on Mull are not able to access events after school or at the theatre due to distance and the nature of the road system and are therefore disadvantaged.

It's tough for youngsters living in a remote community, as there is often no opportunity to get involved in something that interests you. This is a chance for young people in Mull and Iona to get involved in theatre and dance, and hopefully lead to longer term clubs for those who want to get involved.

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