Community Bus Running Costs

Community Bus Running Costs

For many years Islay Baptist Church has run a minibus which has been used for community activities across Islay as well as for church activities. The minibus used for this has come to the end of its life. We want to use this opportunity to extend the use of this service. The church has been given a grant to purchase another minibus. A small admin group has been set up to oversee the project and we are now looking for finance to cover the operating costs, e.g. Road Tax, Insurance, maintenance.


The community bus will provide an accessible transport solution to enable more people to be involved with social, creative and physical activities. These are often inaccessible to many due to the lack of public transport, especially in the evenings and weekends. The bus will be used for activities such as lunch clubs, walking groups and sports clubs. The bus will address the problems of social mobility and isolation, enabling equality of access to all events and services on Islay.

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