Dunoon Primary School Playground Equipment and Buddy Bench

Dunoon Primary School Playground Equipment and Buddy Bench

We are undergoing major refurbishment works and the parent council are very aware of the lack of playground facilities that the children currently have access to. We would like to provide playground equipment for the whole school to use including specialist play equipment for the learning centre children who have significant additional support needs. In addition to this we would like to provide a buddy bench to enable the children to have a safe place to express their feelings during playtimes.


Research shows that outdoor free play gives kids many valuable benefits, including the development of physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills. I think it would be highly beneficial to the children to have access to play equipment especially with the current disruptions due to building works. A buddy bench would allow playground buddies to identify children that are needing someone to talk to or to play with which in turn will help maintain the inclusive ethos of the school.

At the moment our kids play area is just empty concrete space. Our Children could benefit so much if the had proper play equipment. The buddy bench is such a brilliant idea and i feel would help the children build friendships outside the classroom.

A much needed resource for the playground. With a current lack of playground facilities,this would be a huge asset to the children. The buddy bench is a wonderful idea,giving emotional awareness of each other. A valuable life lesson!

The children desperately need play equipment. There is nothing in the playground for them. The whole school would benefit from this. And specialist equipment for the children of the learning centre would be great. A real asset to the school.

Children of dunoon primary are in much need for out door equipment for the children, outdoor play and learning is important in a young child's life and that is hard to do so without equipment for this, with the equipment it would benefit the children greatly in many ways.

Hi Rebecca, can you please explain about the capital? Thanks

Great idea, however this would be classed as capital, which we don't fund. Is there anything else in relation to this project that the funding could be used for?

• The Dunoon Primary School project wasn't quite ready to submit an application to the Argyll and Bute Supporting Communities Fund but we wish them well and look forward to hearing how they get on.

Capital project expenditure is spend on assets, the useful economic life of which is greater than one financial year and having a resale value.

Outdoor play is a crucial part of childrens healthy growth and development and new equipment is desperately needed to support this. A buddy bench is a great idea

This would be fab for our children! Kids need to be outside an in the fresh air playing, giving both them and the teachers a little time away from being sat at a table concentrating hard. however just now there is little or no stimulation for them. Id love to see some money being spent outside of our school. For fun things and educational thing for them all.

The children of Dunoon Primary School desperately need outdoor toys and resources. Argyll and Bute council want our children to grow up in the best place in Scotland with the best possible outcomes for each individual child. "Our Children, Their future", "Building ambition", "CFE", "Our world outdoors", "Loose parts play".....all of these documents promote outdoor play and learning. This is extrememly hard to achieve with an empty concrete playground. Please help Dunoon Primary children.

It would be lovely to have some equipment in the playground for our children to play on, and a buddy bench is a brilliant idea and would really help all the children to continue to support one another. Fingers crossed!!

The children would benefit from having equipment to play on outside, especially just now when the space to play is limited due to renovation work. Buddy bench is also a great idea, helping the children to build on relationships outside of the classroom.

the playground is empty heartless place. the children need and deserve equiptment to enjoy outdoors, help develop their skills, their right to play and be children. the idea of a buddy bench is great as it will benefit all the children to be the responsible citizens we strive to help them be.

Our children deserve better than that empty concrete playground. Buddy bench is a great idea and can do wonders for my son’s confidence and happiness while at school and beyond. Please help us!

Children learn through play and gain valuable skills including team work, sharing and boosting their imagination as well as learning how to problem solve. The buddy bench is a lovely idea, it will help our children to be more aware of their peers and their needs.

Think the kids of Dunoon primary would benefit having outdoor Activity’s as there is nothing Would love to see the funding would be sad If no Help was Giving

I think this a great idea and would be an ideal use of the grant, all the kids in the school would find outdoor toys beneficial and the buddy bench is amazing!

To refurbish the school and not give the children an outdoor space fit for purpose would hinder the children's experience as outdoor learning is an essential part of the curriculum.

At the moment, the playground is just an empty space, the kids deserve a lovely area where they can play, socialise and have fun... A buddy bench is a brilliant idea. The kids of dunoon primary need this ..what could be better for children, than encouraging their social skills, bringing out the empathic side with the buddy bench and of course, fun at playtime

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