Sandbank Scouts - Opening Up Pathway

Sandbank Scouts - Opening Up Pathway

Sandbank Scout Group are intending to open up a pathway leading from the car park beside the cleared Sandbank Community Centre site into the woodland beyond. It is hoped that the creation of the pathway will enable more people to access to a natural woodland. The work will enable Scouts to undertake a robust pioneering project that will use their pioneering skills, work as a team in a challenging environment developing confidence & whilst adding value to the local area in conjunction with SCC.


The Project will allow the Scouts to develop their personal skills whilst benefiting the local community by opening up an area of woodland by allowing easier access.

Will give local businesses a chance to sell their local stone for the project. Anyone who was at old Sandbank school will remember how great it is up there. School sports days are a great memory.

As a rambler, for me and others here, it will increase the amount of local walks in the immediate area,enabling folk to leave the car at home.

Great idea. Anything that improves the area and helps to build a stronger community has got my vote.

This is a great idea! Not only for the scouts but for the whole community!

Brilliant idea for the Scouts - improving skills, making a commitment to the area, team building and fun. And a great contribution towards improving the community for residents and visitors. Well done.

Great idea, would be good if available to use for the better weather

What a great opportunity for the community as a whole to be able to use such great space. Well done to the Scout`s for voluntering

I cannot see anything negative here, encouraging young people to engage with nature is all good

This is great

Improving the area, allows access; and fosters a great community spirit in the local young populous.

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