Mid Argyll Dolphins

Mid Argyll Dolphins

Mid Argyll Dolphins is open to young swimmers developing pathways into competitive sport. Structured sessions are delivered by a team of volunteer coaches. The young people work hard to produce personal best times/achieve new club records in the 20m MACPool; gaining 16 medals at the Scottish Schools Time Trials. The Dolphins need your support to take their training to the next level, providing the young athletes the opportunity to train away at Olympic sized facilities using a 50m pool.


Giving our young people more opportunities; levelling the playing field when it comes to competitive swimming. By training away at a 50m pool the young people will have a more rounded experience of competitive swimming and develop the stamina and skills to succeed in programmes for talented athletes. Overcoming rural isolation, improving life chances and building skills for life.

All children in this area practically surrounded by water should be able to swim well and encouraged to do so. The small self supporting pool gives basic tuition and the Dolphins build on that to ensure that children can save not only themselves but others lives, some also going on to give training to others.. Exercise also ensures our youngsters grow up healthy and strong and gives them goals to aim for in an area where there is little for youngsters.

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