The Lade Centre – Cancer Care Support

The Lade Centre – Cancer Care Support

Help us develop a place of peace and quiet to support all people affected cancer on the Isle of Bute. Working with a team of volunteers and the local McMillan Nurse we want to open the old Salvation Army Hall in Rothesay as “The Lade Centre”, TLC for short. Here we will create a relaxed space for patients and carers where they can receive advice, complementary therapies, emotional and spiritual support. There is nothing like this currently on Bute and we need to create this unique place.


Having also just visited the excellent facility of strachur hub.I would hope that a future development for TLC Would be to devlop a similar service which encourages health fitness and social stimulation for people in our island community

I hope everyone on the island will get behind this project and help it not only to get off the ground but to totally fly. I would love to help.

A much needed support facility would be beneficial to all concerned. It would be wonderful to make it a reality!

What a lovely idea - I wish you every success.

I think will be a wonderful service the ialand.

Not only is there nothing like this at the moment, but Bute is ideally situated for those who, having received a cancer diagnosis, would like to take time out. The potential for the Lade Centre to therefore develop a business model which would benefit the whole island as well as its end users and would also have long term financial viability is clear.

A wonderful concept and hope it is supported and goes from strength to strength. Would be happy to help if needed

This is a facility which is very much needed on the island. It is important that people with cancer and their families receive as much support and assistance as possible and can do so in a setting which is comfortable and relaxing and non institutional. There is nothing similar at present on the island. Hopefully it will be well supported.

Much needed resource for the island. I would be available to volunteer or assist in any way I can.

Much needed for the Island.

At the moment any family coping with cancer on the Isle of Bute has no specific place where they can meet with volunteers and professionals to receive support. We will create this relaxed space in the ideal surroundings of The Lade Centre mirroring the excellent facilities of CHATs in Dunoon. Once we have established this first project we intend to expand and enable support to other groups of people who need safe space in which to talk and seek advice. With your support we can make it happen!

I have visited CHATS in Dunoon and was very impressed. I would hope we could emulate this service on Bute. And offer patients their families and their carers support and advice appropriate to their need. Whether it is someone who is newly diagnosed with a life limiting illness or undergoing or have completed their treatment or in the advanced stages of their illness through to bereavement support. I also think the centre could be used as a centre of health and wellbeing.

Fantastic idea the people need a place like this and I would help if they needed me

Amazing idea for our island I’m sure it will be received well and appreciated by those who need it. I pray for it’s blessing. ❤️

💖 Great idea. I know my brother would have been appreciated this.

Great idea. Such a lot of families affected by cancer, 5 cases in my family. I would volunteer if needed

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