Music and Movement at North Argyll House, Oban

Music and Movement at North Argyll House, Oban

The project consists of weekly music and movement sessions for all the residents of our care home. The project will bring music, dance, movement and laughter to our elders. Activities can be tailored to the individual's needs. Benefits will include: • Improvement in balance and co-ordination with a better range of movement • Improvement in general well-being and happiness • Improved sleep patterns • Increase in fitness This is a 2-year project. Funding would enable us to run the first year.


Fantastic objectives which will improve the quality of the residents lives.

Changes we expect to see because of this project include the following: • Less joint pain/more joint flexibility • Slowdown of muscle weakness • Less falls • Happier outlook on life/less depression. • Memory improvement- music can enhance the memory of Alzheimer /dementia sufferers, and counteract some of the negative signs of aging • Better ability to deal with everyday worries/stress • More positive outlook on life - music encourages a younger outlook and brings back good memories

A much needed activity to improve the wellbeing and happiness of the residents. A small price to pay for making life more positive and enjoyable.

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