Dalmally: Developing Healthy Communities

Dalmally: Developing Healthy Communities

Healthy Options have been delivering Strength and Balance exercise classes in the Oban and Lorn area. Classes cater for a range of fitness levels with benefits to physical and mental well-being. Classes provide an opportunity to self-refer into the Healthy Options’ service where you can develop your own programme of activities with support and guidance from our qualified exercise professionals. We’re seeking funding to deliver a further 12-week programme in Dalmally.


Here’s what folk have said about the classes “"Although I am 81 years old, I am fortunate in enjoying good health and do not need medical or social care. However, our exercise class really "keeps me going" both mentally and physically, plus the added bonus of meeting up with friends and like-minded people. Long may it continue." “Very useful, well adapted to people’s ability and just the right pace.” "regular sessions have provided health benefits including greater flexibility and mobility."

More quotes from participants: "I do hope this service remains as it really does provide an important and vital service in Oban and Lorn, it has changed my life." "I feel fitter and have more inspiration to be more active" "My balance is much better, I feel much fitter and my legs are stronger…" “The class is geared to the participants which is really good…Ian is an excellent teacher with a good sense of humour. We are all fitter & have benefitted greatly.”

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