Explore Kintyre & Gigha Walking Festival

Explore Kintyre & Gigha Walking Festival

Kintyre and Gigha have some fantastic scenic and heritage/historic walks and our aim is to run a Walking Festival in 6 areas over 6 days so that visitors and local residents can experience these walks. The area’s would be Southend, Tarbert, Campbeltown, Gigha, Carradale/Saddell and West Coast Kintyre. The fund would help us with transport, organising and marketing cost of the event. We aim to attract visitors to the area and where possible link with hotels and cafes for refreshments.


The aim of the Festival is to increase health activity and to contribute to the local economy. It will help raise awareness of the fantastic scenic and historic walks that crisscross Kintyre & Gigha. These will be graded to encourage all ages and stages to take part and we will market the event nationally to encourage visitors to take part and stay overnight. We will also liaise with local schools, organisations and businesses to encourage students and members of the community to take part.

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