Co-Roinn Ghàidhlig Mhuile agus Idhe

Co-Roinn Ghàidhlig Mhuile agus Idhe

Co-Roinn Ghàidhlig Mhuile agus Idhe (Mull and Iona Gaelic Partnership) was established in 1991 and since then the Co-Roinn has organised different events and classes to help promote the Gaelic language and culture in both Mull and Iona. Money from this fund would allow us to carry on doing this. As well as our regular Gaelic classes and annual Gaelic days, we also plan to offer both step dancing and Gaelic drama workshops for both adults and children. Photo by AJ MacLeod


It is important that the people of Mull and Iona are given opportunities to get involved in different aspects of Gaelic language and culture.

Many people have begun learning Gaelic through the Co-Roinn classes since 1991, some of them reaching degree level and beyond! In order to continue this work, and to promote workshops in drama and other activities, funding is essential. The Co-roinn raises the profile of Gaelic throughout the two islands in many ways, and hopes to continue to do so.

Gaelic Drama is one of the best ways to reinforce language for both children and adults. Starting with workshops at both ends of the island, it is hoped that Drama Groups can be established which will help with fluency while providing great fun for participants!!

Gaelic is an integral part of the history, heritage & culture of Mull & Iona. In today's world of increasing globalisation, it is vital that the decline of Gaelic on Mull & Iona is reversed. Co-Roinn Ghàidhlig Mhuile & Idhe have been raising the profile of Gaelic, encouraging people to use their Gaelic, running weekly Gaelic classes at different levels and running Gaelic fun days and drama days. This essential work needs financial backup in order to continue and to increase & flourish.

The funding for the Mull & Iona Gaelic Partnership needs to be awarded so that the Gaelic classes and workshops continue to help the language to thrive for the whole community.

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