Brandane Bulls Children’s Football

Brandane Bulls Children’s Football

We are a community based football club in Rothesay, Isle of Bute. To enable us to expand from 1 team to 2 teams we would like to put volunteers through their coaching and refereeing certificates/badges. With support from Active Schools, parents and the local community, the club has grown from 20 team members at 1 training session to an average attendance of 80 boys and girls from, P1 to S4, over 3 training sessions. This enthusiasm has led to demand for another team for the younger age group.


The first step to creating a younger team is to have more volunteers qualified to coach the various age groups & to have local people who can referee the games. We recognise the value of peer learning & belonging, which comes from being part of a team. Already we have 1 pupil qualified & have others who are planning a career in Sports Development, interested in gaining the certificates. By volunteering they are able to gain valuable experience & share that learning with the other children.

Bute has a real community approach to sport. At the moment members of The Brandanes, the local adult amateur football team are attending the coaching sessions to support the children & aid progression from school to the adult team. Being part of a team provides inclusive opportunities for children to be active, build their confidence & communication skills, making them fitter and healthier. With your help the funds would enable the local children, the club and the community to grow.

A fantastic group of people giving children a fantastic experience. With the help that will allow the organisation to grow-more opportunities will be provided for members of the island community.

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