Helensburgh War Memorial Families Project

Helensburgh War Memorial Families Project

We are setting up a War Memorial Families Project for the war memorial in Hermitage Park, Helensburgh. We wish to record both the war service and the family background of the 260 people whose names appear on the memorial. This will be both a digital archive open to all and a book available in the new park pavilion, which will include photographs and memories. To do this, we are trying to find local relatives who can tell us about the lives and family connections of the war dead.


The current commemoration of the centenary of the First World War, culminating in 2018, has brought the sacrifices made by those who fought and fell into all our minds. In future years, it will be all too easy to forget them again as the world moves on. The Families Project will allow us to understand that the men, and woman, named on the memorial lived in Helensburgh and were part of the community, with families and friends, jobs and hobbies, who lived like us until they were taken.

This project is being organised by the Friends of Hermitage Park.

Argyll and Bute TSI will hold a drop in help session on Wednesday (10th January) from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm in the Helensburgh office at 14 Colquhoun Square. If you would like help with the stage 2 application pop in and see us (we will have a cuppa and biscuits on hand too...)

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