Celebrating the Past : Inspiring the Future

Celebrating the Past : Inspiring the Future

2018 is the year of Young People and centenary of The Representation of the People Act (Vote 100). Helensburgh Heroes wish to develop professional teaching notes, tied to the National Curriculum, for local schools about our Heroes. This would include a classroom guide to the exhibition, presentation packs and activities the pupils can undertake to discover more about our Helensburgh Heroes, including suffragette Eunice Guthrie Murray amongst others, and the impact they had on national life.


Helensburgh Heroes – Celebrating the Past, Inspiring the Future. We believe that by celebrating the remarkable lives and achievements of local residents we can inspire our young people to dream big and believe that they too can achieve great things and be a hero, even if only for one day. The teaching packs and activities would allow the pupils to find out about and be inspired by people from their home town who have made a major impact on a national and international scale.

Argyll and Bute TSI will hold a drop in help session on Wednesday (10th January) from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm in the Helensburgh office at 14 Colquhoun Square. If you would like help with the stage 2 application pop in and see us (we will have a cuppa and biscuits on hand too...)

This centre is a great resource for the town and surrounding area. Anything that can inspire our younger folk is a good thing and these teaching packs will encourage school visits and lead to the next generation of Eunice Guthrie Murrays or John Logie Bairds!

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