Drama group visit for Ardrishaig Primary School & ELC

Drama group visit for Ardrishaig Primary School & ELC

Ardrishaig Parent Council care deeply about our children in our Early Learning Centre as well as our Primary School. We want to encourage them to fulfil their potential in every possible way. To do this we hold fund raising events throughout the year. 2 years ago a stage was purchased for the children. Yesterday it was used for their Nativity play. The children suggested a drama workshop at the school would be something they would very much enjoy and now the stage is set with your help...


Drama workshops not only increase the confidence of children, it also develops imagination and language skills. Drama also engages and inspires children. This makes a difference in shaping our children's minds now and for the future. A storytelling workshop for example, encourages children to develop characters culminating in a performance delivered by the children, not only to parents but also the wider community. A pop up café run by parent & pupil councils would round off the day perfectly.

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