Gaelic Summer Playscheme

Gaelic Summer Playscheme

Funding received will be used to offset the cost of providing a summer playscheme during the school holiday period. The objective of the scheme is to allow children within Gaelic Medium Education to take part in structured led fun activities which will use Gaelic as the main form of verbal/written communication re-enforcing class learning. It is intended to run concurrent activities which will cater for age groups based on the current primary classes as well as some whole group activities.


The timing of the playscheme will provide a bridge between completing one academic year and the next. The vast majority, if not all, of GME pupils come from an English speaking household where their Gaelic language skills learnt in previous academic year will decline. The activities will be a combination of sports, outward bound pursuits and cultural activities building personal skills and enhancing health and wellbeing with a potential link with other GME schools for some activities.

Great idea and would be a positive step for Gaelic education in Cowal. To enable the kids to continue using Gaelic through the summer holidays. In Cowal there is currently a lack of opportunities available outside of the school environment for the children to develop their Gaelic. Also with a focus on health and well being the opportunity to keep kids active through the holidays would be beneficial. This playscheme would be a great opportunity for the children outwith the school

Great idea for kids so they can continue speaker by Gaelic through the summer with their friends.

There is a decifit of opportunity for children to speak Gaelic in Cowal, outwith the school environment. A summer play scheme would improve the children's Gaelic in an alternate to education and fun environment. Playing outside is vital to children's development, and the playscheme will give children opportunities and experiences they might not otherwise have.

Most of the children attending Gaelic Medium education in Cowal come from no-Gaelic speaking families and there is very little opportunity for children in Cowal to use Gaelic outwith school, so it would be fantastic to see this play scheme go ahead. It would enable the children to use their Gaelic language skills during the summer holidays in a different and fun environment and help to strengthen the work done by the school in the previous months.

A fantastic opportunity for children to use the Gaelic language during the holidays and out with the school environment.

I think this is a good idea to allow the children from the Gaelic Medium Unit to use the language they are learning in school during the summer holidays whilst engaging in fun activities.

Great for the kids

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