Fèis Bheag – Wee Fèis

Fèis Bheag – Wee Fèis

Fèis Latharna (Lorn Festival) has been running successfully for over 20 years with tuition for 8-18 year olds in traditional music and Gaelic arts. It now plans to establish a new 5 day traditional music tuition event in Oban for children aged 5-7. The Fèis Bheag or ‘Wee Fèis’ will offer 5 half day artsplay sessions for young primary school pupils as part of our annual Easter event, giving them a fun and engaging taste of traditional Gaelic music, song and dance.


Our annual Easter Fèis currently caters for ages 8+ but by establishing a Wee Fèis alongside, it will offer a tailor-made opportunity for younger children to learn about and have fun trying traditional music, song and dance. A Wee Fèis will provide an extra 30 children per year with the chance to access quality, enjoyable and safe activities that nurture their creativity and connect them with cultural traditions.

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