Highlands and Islands Collaborative Workshop for Musicians

 Highlands and Islands Collaborative Workshop for Musicians

The Smallholder’s Gathering in Clachan, Kintyre is an annual event featuring an open stage in the evening. In a collaborative workshop, we have a chance to work with Music students from the University of the Highlands and Islands. Funds are needed to offer accommodation & food expenses for visiting musicians & a professional tutor.


If you are interested to take part in the workshop please contact Uta, [email protected]. Looking forward to meeting you on and around 1st of September 2018.

Inviting musicians from Shetland, Orkney, North Highlands, and the Uists to Clachan is a very good opportunity for local musicians to widen their horizon within a workshop for musical communication. The outcome will be staged at the Smallholder's Gathering, 1st September 2018, throughout the day.

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