John Logie Baird Innovation Hub

John Logie Baird Innovation Hub

Helensburgh Community Council sees an Innovation Hub attracting those with ambition and a determination to succeed. As well as entrepreneurs the Hub will be a magnet for women starting out in business and for those leaving the Royal Navy looking for a new career. As a creative networking space it will be the launch pad for taking ideas from the drawing board to the market place. Business advice will be on tap as will mentors with a track record of success elsewhere.


POINTS : HCC is seeking funding Supporting Communities Fund to : 1. pay for feasibility study/business plan. 2. It will also conduct a survey to explore the potential market from those wishing to take advantage of the concept. 3. Produce a draft business plan

Argyll and Bute TSI will hold a drop in help session on Wednesday (10th January) from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm in the Helensburgh office at 14 Colquhoun Square. If you would like help with the stage 2 application pop in and see us (we will have a cuppa and biscuits on hand too...)

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